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It is a Spanish Guinean capital company dedicated exclusively to the 

promotion and sale of solar photovoltaic power plants

in Guinea and Sierra Leone in Africa.

This company is formed by professionals in the field of management of Guinean companies and the Spanish parent company, Promocions Inversolar 65 SL specialized in the promotion of solar parks in Spain and Romania and now also in Africa.



Photovoltaic power plant connected to a grid for the sale of energy
We have experience in the creation of companies and sale with projects of photovoltaic power plants and construction authorizations, connection point and contract of sale of energy with the electric companies of each situation.

We are negotiating the PPAs that are guaranteed by the state itself, through the Bank of Guinea, initial financing management with the UBA Bank (Unid Bank for Africa) Very interesting energy sales prices.


KINDIA 1 18 Mgwp
KINDIA 2 36 Mgwp
KINDIA 3 18 Mgwp
KINDIA 4 60 Mgwp
KANKAN 3x, 3,6 Mgwp
MANEAH 1,8 Mgwp


Photovoltaic central power station of grid for remote areas Africa
Photovoltaic Guinee SARL is also currently developing a pre-assembled container system to be installed in remote locations for off-grid electrical system with power from 15, 30. 60 to 90 kW, with batteries, inverters, generator, and various extras already mounted. The structure system of the photovoltaic solar panels, with support in part to the own sea container.

Maritime container of 12 feet, used in good condition, painted and adapted as support to the basic solar structure, Separation diesel zone with the electrical zone and batteries, ventilation grilles, electrical wiring both continuous and alternate, interior lighting. Fire extinguishers. Possibility of other additional services, water pumps, water filtration, osmosis, air compressor, centralization of electric meters, etc.

Photovoltaic Solar Plant Container Remote areas

Photovoltaic structure based on galvanized steel profiles, for placing between 39 solar panels supported on the container itself up to 130 with support in the structure itself plus pillars to the ground, The panels are supported on standard galvanized guide. Possibility of expansion in panels up to 400 per container.

Inverter, Chargers, regulators, with solar input, generator, battery, output in alternating current 400v three-phase. Different powers according to installation. From 15 to 90 kw.

Diesel generator of between 20 and 120 Kva according to the customer's request with automatic start in case of lack of battery, separated from the electrical installation, with entry through the back  of the container for easy access, tank of 500 to 2.000 liters of diesel adapted in the Own container,  possibility of installing the soundproof generator.



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